Welcome to the home of Omen PAT testing! PAT testing is a series of tests to determine if an electrical appliance is safe for use. The tests don't take long and are usually performed onsite. Having a qualified and experienced person perform those tests onsite means better quality checks, simple repairs can be completed quickly, you get better peace of mind and you can use the appliance as soon as it is certified.

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I carry full public liability and indemnity insurance to ensure all avenues are covered in the event of an issue developing following testing.

About Me

I have lived in Devon for more than 30 years now , 11 of those as a father. For most of my adult life I was a carer for people with mental health difficulties. When I became disabled, that had to change.  I started volunteering with the RSPCA and through them gained my PAT testing qualification from Parker-Bell.  I've been performing this service for over 2 years and have seen almost every appliance you can plug into the wall. I take pride in the fact that only 1 appliance has ever been returned following my tests, and that turned out to be an error on the customer's part.

Why I do this and what I do

I love PAT testing. it's that simple. Ever since I was a child, I have enjoyed taking apart appliances  to see how they work, so when a PAT tester was needed  at RSPCA, I jumped for it! My current qualification is a PAT testing fundamentals certificate from Parker-Bell. I use a PB500V from Parker-Bell  to test and have nearly three years experience with this machine.

Services I offer

  • Pat testing all common appliances (anything that plugs into a standard wall socket)

  • Flex replacement(worn/cracked/broken flex)

  • 3-pin plug replacement

  • Fuse replacement

  • Minor internal rewiring

I hope to add to my qualifications in the future so watch this space!


“It's still magic even if you know how it's done.”

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― Terry Pratchett, 


Minor repairs

PAT testing for all common appliances

  1. first 10 appliances: £2.50 per appliance

  2. 11-20 appliances: £2.25 per appliance

  3. 21-30 appliances: £2.00 per appliance

  4. 31-40 appliances: £1.75 per appliance

  5. 41+: price on application

  1. Minor repairs and flex replacement: work appropriate charge

  2. Plug replacement: £2.00 per plug

  3. Fuse Replacement: £0.50 per fuse



Claire Pain
(Manager RSPCA shop Bideford)

"We have the pleasure of using Damien to test all our equipment and electrical items we sell for the past few years. He offers a very professional service, highly recommended." 

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